Taking the Ford Everest Viral with How to DAD


The Australian designed and engineered Ford Everest is a new nameplate in Ford’s global line-up and required a boost in awareness for consumers to start thinking of Ford as a leader in the SUV segment.


The SUV market is the most competitive sector in the auto industry with Mazda, Hyundai and VW aggressively building their share of voice over the past few years. Working with an influencer with a unique persona and light hearted tone would help cut through the noise.


Pulse engaged How to DAD - a humorous parenting influencer - to communicate with the Everest target audience in a relevant and honest way. With a focus on increasing positive brand sentiment, Pulse implemented a multi-pronged approach that included a variety of content outputs, a video content series and a Facebook takeover.


‘How to Wash a Car with a Baby’ went viral with more than 4.5 million video views. YouTube, Reddit, Sunrise and The Project all featured the video on their homepages. Sentiment towards the brand was positive with users on Facebook stating that “this is product advertising at its best” and “I love that you’re working with Ford”. Traditional media coverage was also achieved with Sunrise and Mashable featuring the video.