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Bringing the best of Down Under into the living rooms of Aussies

In the wake of devastating bushfires and a global pandemic bringing travel to a complete standstill, Australian tourism was facing the most difficult period in the sector’s history. We were tasked with reigniting the dream for travel in Australia by facilitating international audiences to explore and experience Australia remotely, and increase Australians’ intention to travel domestically.

Getting Greaseproof for PUBG

How do you launch a product to an audience already using it? This was our challenge with the release of PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS (PUBG) on Xbox One.

Reputation hacking for KFC

Most Australians believe KFC makes delicious chicken, but not necessarily high quality chicken. While we know that isn’t true, we needed Australians to give KFC credit for their food quality.

Giving a shout-out to Aussie parents

Being a parent isn’t easy. Unfortunately in today’s digital society, being parent-shamed is all too common and easy to do. Huggies wanted to draw a line in the sand and portray a message that if your child is happy and healthy, as a parent you’re doing a good job.


Crisis accelerates culture. The events of 2020 have seen political and economic unrest and a sharp rise in new and evolving consumer behaviours across almost every aspect of life. From the way we spend to the way we move and the way we consume news and entertainment. As new consumption patterns emerge, brand storytelling must change. The Culture of Consumption report includes insights and real world examples as well as four key trends that have emerged this year along with our advice on how to navigate, tackle and steer your brand as a result. This is a blueprint for storytelling in 2021 giving brands an understanding of the new culture of consumption and how they can use it to your advantage.