Microsoft Surface Pro with 4G meets Basenji


Microsoft needed to launch the Surface Pro with 4G in Australia and ensure cut through in a crowded market. With competitors launching devices every few months, a bold and unique approach was needed to engage the key demographic and relevant media.


Surface devices are some of the most powerful on the market, but given the range of similar devices, cut through is often hard to obtain. As the Surface Pro with 4G offered a truly mobile experience, the device needed to be launched in a way that highlighted the 4G component.


Tapping into the device’s 4G capabilities, we created an Australian first in which a DJ recorded a set from 3000ft in a hot air balloon. Leading DJ and producer, Basenji, turned a hot air balloon into a mobile studio, all powered by the Surface Pro with 4G. Basenji recorded an exclusive ‘up in the air’ mix, which was then uploaded directly to Soundcloud from the hot air balloon. Supporting visual assets were created to be used across owned, social and earned channels.


The launch activity generated over 60 articles across key consumer, technology, media and mainstream outlets, with a reach in excess of 7 million. 100% of earned coverage included key messages of the new device and its 4G capabilities. The images and video assets created were used beyond media channels, with sales teams showcasing them to partners to demonstrate Microsoft’s commitment to the device.