Taking the Chicken to the People!


People who haven’t tried KFC before often feel guilt around indulging in a fried chicken treat – while other customers can often hide their love. The challenge was to promote a sense of ‘pride in the fried’ and make our lovers proud of KFC while driving trial with non-customers. Our primary asset: the great taste of KFC’s original fried chicken!


True enjoyment is contagious. When we see people experiencing true enjoyment, you can’t help but want it for yourself too! If we could remind KFC lovers or show new diners just how great our chicken tastes, we could encourage people who don’t eat KFC to give us a go.


We brought the bird to Birdsville – a remote country town with a population of 115 people. The nearest KFC is a 13-hour drive away, but every year over 3,000 Australians travel to Birdsville for the world's most remote music festival - The Big Red Bash. We built ‘The Colonel’, a KFC food truck with a fully functioning kitchen, an outdoor restaurant and a massive slippery dip – taking the chicken, to the people. Over three days our team served over 10,000 pieces of chicken to thousands of people. Hundreds of people both young and old turned up to engage with the brand – from unleashing their free spirits in The Colonel’s playground, to contributing towards our crowd-sourced mural. Meanwhile, we took the rest of Australia on the journey with us creating broadcast content to share the delicious story of KFC's taste with all corners of Australia.


KFC experienced a national sales increase during the first two weeks of the campaign. Over 300 pieces of editorial and social coverage (including The Today Show, Delicious Magazine and The Mail Online) appeared with over 41 million Australians reached. The livestream of the activity on the KFC Facebook page was viewed over 615,000 times