Saving the Environment With Container Exchange


Container Exchange (CoEx) was appointed by the Queensland Government to establish a state-wide Container Refund Scheme that would address the burgeoning litter problem. The scheme aims to reduce beverage container litter and increase recycling across Queensland. Customers collect and return containers at one of 230 refund sites for a 10-cent refund, or the ability to donate to local community groups and charities. We were tasked with launching the initiative, driving registrations and visits to refund sites amongst the community - all while showing the impact it would have to the environment.


Queensland boasts world-class beaches; however, more litter than ever is found in waterways, stream systems and surrounding ocean, consequently affecting wildlife. It is the most littered state with 45% more plastic rubbish found in the Queensland environment than the rest of Australia.


We partnered with local conservationist and artist David Day to conceptualise a large-scale fish sculpture, symbolising the adverse effects of litter on the environment. Inspired by unique species at risk in Queensland waters, the installation titled ‘Queensland, Look At The State We’re In’ was made from over 4,000 donated plastic containers. Measuring over 8 metres in length, the one of a kind installation appeared overnight in Brisbane, a week ahead of the scheme’s launch.


The campaign generated over 1,300 pieces of major metro and regional print, online and broadcast media coverage, creating an earned reach of over 123 million. The press conference saw every major Brisbane news outlet including Channel 7, 9, 10 and ABC News as well as radio attend. The campaign resulted in over 51 million containers refunded, 62,000 registrations, and over 350 charities, 900 community groups and 500 businesses benefiting from donations in the first month.