Revealing the Raptor!


In early 2018, Ford were preparing to reveal the first ever Ranger Raptor to the globe. We were tasked to build and execute a digital reveal campaign to span six key markets across the APAC region, and beyond, with the objective to generate awareness and propel the Ranger Raptor into the spotlight, timed to the physical reveal in Bangkok, Thailand.


Each Ford market’s social media environment, spanning from Australia to Thailand and South Africa, operate with varied audience behaviours and levels of development. However, commonalities also exist. Target audiences for the Ford Ranger on social media in APAC respond well to performance and 4X4/off-roading content, while mobile consumption of content dominates and Facebook is the most consumed platform in each target country.


Playing into these commonalities, we developed an integrated five-stage campaign to build suspense, excite and inform audiences across APAC about the new Ford Ranger Raptor, producing scroll-stopping content and distribution strategies for each market. Stage 1: To build anticipation, we created a series of high quality teaser assets containing clues to the reveal day and theme for the new vehicle. Stage 2: To create conversations ahead of the physical reveal, we teased the aesthetics of the vehicle through tailored Instagram and Facebook stories Stage 3: To mark the big reveal moment, pre-captured and localised reveal assets went live on all channels across the region – right when the vehicle was unveiled in real life Stage 4: To facilitate quality social posts from attendees, our on the ground content team captured, edited and distributed assets from the event in real time to all media and influencers in attendance. These assets were also seeded to consumer marketing teams around the region. Stage 5: To sustain the hype following the reveal, product testing videos were delivered to markets showcasing the true performance of the vehicle.


Across two weeks, the Ranger Raptor Digital Reveal campaign generated a social reach of over 15,000,000, with a total of over 6,000,000 video views. As a result Ford APAC’s Google and YouTube search indexes peaked at a 12-month high.