The RACV Tiny Home


RACV are well known for their car insurance, however, opr was challenged with growing the awareness for their increasing home division portfolio as the RACV wanted to be seen as thought leaders in the home and the source of information for all Victorian home owners.


Research shows that Aussies own some of the largest homes in the world, however the cost of living and energy pricing in Australia is rising, and with this the great Australian dream of owning your own home is getting further and further away for some. The RACV wanted to put a spotlight on how smart design, clever technology and an innovative use of space can challenge Australian’s perceptions about what it is to make a smart home.


Developed in partnership with award-winning Australian architect and Grand Designs Host, Peter Maddison, The Tiny Home was designed to help Victorians better understand what really makes a home perform well. Opening it to both the media and the public, we worked with the RACV to develop a strong media and influencer campaign to assist in driving awareness for the RACV’s Home Division and to increase footfall at Open Home Melbourne. We had a great asset in the Tiny Home, however needed to build a narrative around it that would see media want to cover our branded home. To assist with the story, we commissioned research to understand the challenges Victorians were facing in running their home. Working with Peter Maddison, we created a series of webisodes on the Tiny home build, Grand-Designs style. These were promoted through social driving people to the RACV website in the weeks leading up to the event. To assist in awareness of the Tiny Home at the event, we unveiled a series of teaser articles, which included a cover on the Herald Sun’s S lift out and the Weather crosses on the Saturday morning at the Open Home event. Six influencers were engaged to reach a new audience, moving the RACV away from being a car club and into the lifestyle space. Influencers were all given trackable links so we can measure CTR and CPC to demonstrate value and how this engagement has been impactful with the target home audience.


Responsible for driving media and influencer earned content, our campaign reached an audience of 1,098,7826 pre-launch. We delivered over 76 pieces of coverage (incl. stories on Channel 7, 9 and 10 News on day of launch), with earned coverage reaching a potential audience of 7.1 million. 900 people visited the Tiny Home over 12 hours with a 1 hour wait time to get inside. #RACVTinyHome was utilised in 104 pieces of UGC on Instagram , with influencer content generated a potential reach of 3.1 million. @theracv Instagram audience increased by 34% during the campaign period.

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