In crisis we see culture accelerate. In 2020 we have seen all aspects of societal, political and human behaviour change and as a result our consumption habits of news and content have a drastically shifted. The Culture of Consumption report is a blueprint for brands to use these changes to their advantage.

About The Report:

As new consumption patterns emerge, brand storytelling must change. Brands need to rethink their role in the communities they serve. In a changed world, how do you make, shape or break culture? How do you tell stories that matter? How do you build advocacy and cult status not just affinity? This report uncovers new insights, four key trends and a series of takeaways that will condition brand storytelling in 2021 including:

  • Trial-Blazers
  • Partner Power
  • Start Small
  • Culture Converted

Alongside these invites, OPR provides easily actionable outtakes against each theme – giving you a blueprint for understanding the new culture of consumption and using it to your advantage.

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