Driving brand preference for Crown Resorts


While Crown Resorts was frequently visited by top-tier celebrities and social media influencers, it lacked a cohesive influencer strategy that would align with its brand and commercial goals. Pulse was engaged to design and deliver an influencer marketing strategy to increase brand awareness, drive preference and consideration and position Crown Resorts properties as must-visit destinations.


Over 92% of consumers trust word of mouth and recommendations from trusted sources above all/other forms of advertising.


Our influencer program was designed to provide a clear strategic approach for engaging social media influencers and generating actionable insights. A comprehensive influencer audit was undertaken to measure influencer relevance, reach and resonance to the Crown brand – allowing us to select a carefully curated list of influencers which aligned with each of Crown’s key target audiences. We partnered with a selected list of influencers on a regular basis to co-create content which would resonate on multiple channels, and showcase the unique experiences available at Crown (with a focus on hotels and dining). ‘Elite’ influencers were provided with tracking links to drive their followers to Crown’s website and booking portals, and content was republished on Crown’s channels as a lead-generation to increase website traffic to the Crown site.


Since the establishment of the program in October 2017, we’ve partnered with a carefully curated list of over 22 influencers, building over 180 pieces of unique content which has reached a potential audience of over 42 million. Influencer content has been exceptionally cost effective in reaching target audiences – with an average cost per reach of $000.7 and an average cost per engagement of $0.12 – both well below the industry standard and Crown’s paid social content. Additionally, the calibre of influencers we onboarded as part of the program included Nadia and Jimmy Bartel, Megan Gale, Buddy and Jesinta Franklin, Sam Wood, Tully Smyth and more. The alignment with Crown’s target audience segments resulted in a program that was cost effective and ensured high impact.

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16 October 2017 (2)